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You bought miso! Now what?

We're so happy you went for it! We know it's daunting to use new ingredients, so we're slapping a bunch of suggestions in front of your hungry face. These are not recipes, mostly because we believe knowing how to use ingredients is more important than feeling jailed inside a list of steps. And that only comes with trying!

Experiment with your miso. Play around. Be weird.

Did you already use your miso, creating something that made you weep salty tears of happiness because it made the world a better place?

SHARE with us! Send us a photo. Write down your method. (Or keep it a secret. We get it.) We love knowing that people are throwing aside their inhibitions and having fun with their food!

We've split up suggestions based on the types of miso we have available right now. If you've bought something else, there's a good chance many suggestions still apply.

Email us with any questions!

Mixed Nut/Walnut Cashew:

Pesto w/ fresh herbs: This comes highly recommended by Jordan. Factor out nuts and replace with miso. Feel it out. Add slowly. Taste as you go. The miso will smooth out the pesto and introduce umami without losing the nuttiness. (Blend or manually mix, depending on the texture you prefer.)

Homemade vinaigrettes. If adding it to a store-bought one, be wary of seasonings that are already there.

Rub fresh salmon with a mix of Dijon and nut miso, broil on low for 10-12 minutes, or until cooked to your preference.

Add as the salt in your favorite baked goods recipes, specifically cookies, banana bread, carrot cake, and muffin batters. (Yes, we went there! It bolsters the sweet and salty element. And no one will ever guess your secret ingredient.)

Mix in with the seasoning for fillings for tacos, wraps, etc.


Great starting point for adding cheesy flavor to vegan cuisine.

Mix with garlic, herbs, and olive oil. Brush it on bread for funky twist on garlic bread.

Mix w/ your choice of real fruit preserves and either rub on before cooking or serve as a condiment with poultry or game, such as duck.

Pasta filling or addition to pasta sauces.

Thin out with some water and thickly coat chicken breasts. Broil to season the chicken and toast the nuts in the miso. (The nuts in our miso are raw, so cooking with this miso will bring about a toasty nuttiness, as well.)

Organic Black Bean:

This is our most versatile miso. Feel free to swap it in for any miso you find in a recipe.

Build mole sauce around this miso.

Season taco fillings, or similar cuisine.

Add to marinades for grilled vegetables.

Intensify the flavor of bean/lentil soups and dips.

Mix with honey and your favorite hot sauce to use as marinade for fish, poultry, or seafood.

Just Chickpea:

No grains in this miso! Great for keto/paleo/grain-free diets.

Pronounced tart flavor, works well in Middle Eastern or Mediterranean cuisine. Wonderful addition to falafel recipes and hummus.

Thin out with water or your favorite oil and brush onto flatbreads prior to warming or adding other ingredients.

Add to dressings for summer salads.

Do you need more suggestions? Perhaps you have an idea that you'd like advice on.

Email us! Jordan loves to brainstorm interesting ways to use ingredients.

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