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It preserves perishables. It seasons our food. And it’s made up of two volatile elements that, when combined, stabilize and create a miraculous new compound. Like two super punks who have a baby and settle hard into familial contentment.

Salt is the cook’s wingman. The biggest mistake people make when trying to eat healthier is to take out all of the salt. We aren’t doctors, so that might be a lie, but what we know is that just enough salt helps your ingredients live their best lives. Like a crystalized superhero, it keeps the strong, bitter flavors from overpowering the more tender, sweet ones.

While our wildcrafted salts are a nod to the invaluable kitchen staple, they are also our favorite way to preserve ingredients foraged by Jordan in the Adirondack wilderness.

Sounds badass, right? (It is.)

We sell most of the perishable delicacies, such as ramps and wild mushrooms, in their natural state soon after they’re foraged. But some get squirreled away to be dehydrated and blended. Spruce tips, foraged in the Spring, are only sold as a seasoning. Similar to rosemary, they increase in versatility when they’re not punching you in the face with their pungent flavor.

Why preserve the mushrooms and ramps when they're so damn good fresh?

Any Adirondacker knows how long the winters can get. We felt the natural umami and unique flavors of mushrooms like lion’s mane, maitake, and oyster, as well as the aromatic bliss that is ramps, should be celebrated all year long in hearty winter dishes. We chose complementary ingredients that round out the mushrooms without overpowering them, such as ginger, black onion, and leeks. Ramps are the wild leek of the mountains and need no flavor boost. They’re the singer in a band, glorified on the front of every album cover until they realize they’re better off solo, anyway.

Our newest salt isn’t foraged but is certainly unique. Meet mirepoix!

Although it shouldn’t act as a replacement for the real deal, mirepoix salt will boost the flavors of your broths, sauces, meats, veggies, and other ingredients. It is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere you would normally use seasoned salt. (The vegetables dehydrated in this salt are all organic.)

Our salts are available year-round, though rely heavily on an abundance of the wild foraged foods inside of them. Spruce tip salt will be making a comeback in warmer weather. Check your nearest Red Oak retailer for our products.

Currently available products:

Winter Warrior

-sea salt, wild foraged lion's mane mushroom, ginger, white pepper

Forager's Favorite Salt

-sea salt, wild foraged maitake mushrooms, leeks

Black Pearl Salt

-sea salt, wild foraged oyster mushroom, black onion


-sea salt, organic celery, organic carrot, organic onion

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