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Leek Linguine Aglio (garlic) e Olio (oil)

~ For a video of this recipe, scroll past the instructions. ~

This recipe uses one package of our leek linguine.

For the rest of the ingredient list, as well as suggested alternatives, see below.

Quick Tip

Once you begin cooking, everything happens pretty quickly, so be prepared with your necessities at hand.


Mix the miso and lemon juice in a small bowl. Put aside.

Chop the fresh herbs and garlic. Put aside.

Get your pasta water boiling!

(Fresh pasta cooks very quickly.

Remember to have your necessities

at hand. Don't leave the pasta


Lightly brown the smashed garlic in the olive oil using a sauté pan over medium heat.

Remove from heat and carefully add the miso mixture and fresh herbs.

Quickly cook the fresh pasta in rapidly boiling water. (Follow instructions on the package.)

IMMEDIATELY toss into the sauté pan with the olive oil sauce.

Garnish with more herbs and plenty of grated cheese.

Serve right away.

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